Helix Belt Conveyor

Helix Belt Conveyor

The helix belt conveyor can save a lot of space and manpower. Helix belt conveyors can carry Goods of all shapes and sizes continuously without blocking, slipping or tipping. Unpacked products such as cartons, bags, drums, etc. can be easily transported without any problem. Even the high angle of tilt can be applied, so your system design is only limited to products rather than conveying equipment.



Convey it up or down

• Saves floor space,Requires no metering, accumulation or indexing
•  Positive drive belt system means no end roll slip,Wide selection of entry and exit combinations
• Custom designed for your particular operation,Durable all steel construction
• Fully assembled or modular construction,High conveying speeds available
• Steep angles of incline/decline available (over 30°@ centerline),Wide belt widths available

Spiral lift from Rendo

Chain-driven belt conveyors are designed for reliable operation in heavy duty applications, such as: • High speeds • High cycling • Sudden load on the belt • Harsh environments (temperature variations, contamination on or under the belt) The positive chain-driven system is not affected by the following conditions that can damage friction-driven belt conveyors (Such as: incorrect belt tension, temperature variations, contamination on or under the belt, etc.)
There is never any damaging end-roll spin caused by maladjustment. A chain-driven belt conveyor can withstand a considerable amount of neglect and abuse and still function. It is the perfect solution for a critical conveying line.


Powertrain system: #50 conveyor chain with belt attachment links
Belt: 2-ply Black PVC-OP with #1A Clipper lacing.
Sideguards: Standard sideguards are rolled using 3 mm steel. Sideguards over 150 mm high have a 25 mm angled out top flange.
Paint: Epoxy powder coating in RAL colors is standard. Color matching is available.
Drives: A wide range SEW, Nord are available. You can purchase the gear motor separately.
Available Sizes: Custom-built for a particular application. We frequently builds curves with a special radius. Arcs as large as 350 degrees are readily available. Arcs as low as 5 degrees are available, but are dependent on the outside radius size.


Model Basic Size(mm) Inner arc radius A Radius of center B Conveying Width F Lap speed
Max Pitch
Series“A”(Conveying width178-635;Standard Shaft Diameters=25mm)
1022M178SP C-1200
1022 1111 178 376.9 2642
717M483SP 717 958.5 483 325.2 2642
565M635SP 565 882.5 635 299.4 2032
Series“B”(Conveying width178-940;Standard Shaft Diameters=30mm)
1322M178SP C=1500
1322 1411 178 386.8 3251
1017M483SP 1017 1258.5 483 345 3251
814M686SP 814 1157 686 317.2 2642
560M940SP 560 1030 940 282.4 2032
Series“C”(Conveying width178-1245;Standard Shaft Diameters=235mm)
2022M178SP 02200
2022 2111 178 399.7 5080
1616M584SP 1616 1908 584 360.9 5080
1362M838SP 1362 1781 838 337.3 4674
1200M1000SP 1200 1700 1000 321.9 4166
Series“HC”(Conveying width178-1245;Standard Shaft Diameters=35mm)
1199HM1001SP C=2200
1199 1699.5 1001 477 3658
1110HM1090SP 1110 1655 1090 464.3 3658
955HM1245SP 955 1577.5 1245 442.6 3658

Model Designations A typical model is written as follows: 700M500-90, 700 is the inside radius dimension to the frame.

Specification example

M indicates it is a metric model with a 216 mm frame 500 is the conveying width between sideguards 90 is the degree of angle.

Frame height is indicated in the model designation as follows: M indicates a 216 mm high Mid-Frame model.

HM indicates a 305 mm high High-Frame model The model designation does not indicate the direction of travel.


Rendo can manufacture special sizes to meet customer requirements.

Rendo chain/belt system is a simple concept, but is not easy to build. Our efforts toward perfection results in a quiet and efficient conveyor that is very reliable and easy to maintain.

High performance is only achieved by using high quality, modern materials and precision manufacturing.

We have invested heavily in automated fabrication equipment and quality manufacturing systems to achieve the highest precision and shortest production time.


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