Telescopic Belt Conveyor

Telescopic Belt Conveyor

Cut unloading time in half,Improve turn-around time,Improve the working environment,Short period of investment payback,Tailored according to the requirement.



Cut unloading time in half

Fast loading and unloading

Improve turn-around time

Reduce the waiting time of trailer,minimize the turnover time.

Improve the working environment

Short the handing distance and reduce labor intensity

Short period of investment payback

More than 16,000 pieces of parcels can be loading or unloading each day.It was proved by practice that;The investment returns are usually obtained in less than 2 years.

Tailored according to the requirement

A variety of functions can be configured for the telescopic belt conveyor,Such as:hydraulic lifting,combine with DWS system,Droopsnoot and ground rails.


Model Base part(L1) Extended part(L2) Total length(L) Height(A) Profile width(B) Belt width(C)
3 Sections
RD T3 2.5/2.7 2500 2700 5200 555 C+345 600/800
RD T3 3/4 3000 4000 7000 555 C+345 600/800
RD T3 4/5.4 4000 5400 9400 555 C+345 600/800
RD T3 4.5/6 4500 6000 10500 555 C+345 600/800
RD T3 5/7 5000 7000 12000 555 C+345 600/800
RD T3 6/8.4 6000 8400 14400 555 C+345 600/800
4 Sections
RD T4 4/7 4000 7000 11000 725 C+390 600/800
RD T4 5/10 5000 10000 15000 725 C+390 600/800
RD T4 6/12.3 6000 12300 18300 725 C+390 600/800
RD T4 7/15 7000 15000 22000 755 C+390 600/800
RD T4 7.5/16 7500 16000 23500 755 C+390 600/800
5 Sections
RD T5 6/16 6000 16000 22000 850 W1+440 600/800
RD T5 7.5/21 7500 21000 28500 850 W1+440 600/800

Loading / unloading trailers and trucks of any size is twice as fast as manual handling

Health and safety legislation becomes increasingly more stringent,which makes it sound economic sense to consider whether the loading and unloading equipment you invest in limits the risk of accidents to personnel and damage to goods.



01-Hydraulic system

The two hydraulic cylinders are used to adjust the height of the telescopic belt conveyor,so as to get a best operating height.

02-Front light

Provide the best working environment for the operation area lighting,We are equipped with safetyenergy-saving LED lights.

03-Floor Mounted Rails

Increase flexibility by using a mobile Telescopic belt conveyor to serve multiple loading bays.Typically rails are fitted in parallel,so they lie flush with the floor.


The operator can control the lifting(hydraulic is needed)and the expanding of conveyor by joystick.The left and right end of machine can be equipment with a joystick,so that the right hand and left hand operator can operate freely

05-Other choice

Belt width:600mm or 800mm
Belt reversible
Customer specified color
Adjustable transmission speed




Technical data

  • Belt width:600mm or 800mm
  • Belt model:Forbo Siegling PVC/PVK beld
  • Belt direction:Direction of loading or unloading
  • Drive:SEW gearmotor 
  • Load:50kg/m
  • Powersupply:3 x 380VAC, 50Hz,The power supply is located at the back of the telescopic belt conveyor,and the opreating switch is located in the front part. 
  • Install temperature:0-40°C 
  • Environment:Humidity35-85% rH 
  • Noise:65dB(A)This is the maximumvalue,measuring distance :1m


  • Through the analysis of finite element mechanics,the telescopic belt conveyor's structure is more reasonable,and can withstand the harsh handling environment.The safety protection is adopted for all moveable parts,and has reached latest safety standard.The double bearing telescopic device helps the belt be expanded with the robot arm at the same time,The telescopic belt conveyor's performance is implicit during the whole period of using.
  • Color:The color can be selected according to the requirement of customers.
  • Control panel:Can be equipped at the front or left front and right front side of the machine.
  • Joystick:Equipped in the front side of the machine.The machine expands when push the pole,and stops when release the pole to ensure the safety.
  • Safety features:The emergency stop button is located at the front end and back end of the machine.The safety pop-up roller islocated at the front of the machine.
  • Signal exchanging:The telescopic belt conveyor can exchange signals with package processing system.



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