Angled Belt Conveyor

Angled Belt Conveyor

Conveyors facilitate the merging or diverging of two conveyor lines in a smooth and efficient manner The Angled belt conveyor is available in an airless version for slow and medium speeds or intermittent high speed operation and an air bar version for heavy duty applications or high sustained speeds.



For merging or distributing operations

• Low friction angle bar
• 30 or 45 degree angles
• Spring take-up tension system
• Whisper quiet operation
• Smooth positive angular transfer of products
• Simple belt tracking system
• Low maintenance
• Heavy duty steel construction
• Transfers small products

Superb processing and assembly technology

• High speed capability
• Low noise operation
• Easy to maintain
• Low Lifetime cost
• Practical design
• Wide conveying widths available
• Low belt tension for long component life
• Positive drive belt system means no end roll slip
• Custom designed for your specific application



Belt Drive System :The conveyor belt is driven by its bottom side contacting a heavy duty lagged drive roll. Relatively low belt tension is required because there is up to 210 degrees of contact between the belt and the drive roll. A spring-loaded take-up roll automatically maintains even belt tension even through changes in loading and temperature. Contamination on the belt surface does not effect the conveyor operation because the drive roll contracts the bottom side of.

Angle Bar:Angled belt conveyor uses a polished steel bar on the angle end of the conveyor. The conveyor may be positioned with the angle bar as close as 4 mm from the adjoining conveyor. The Angled belt conveyor is available with angles of 30 and 45 degrees.

Paint: Epoxy powder coating in RAL colors is standard. Color matching is available.

Optional Air Bar System :The Air Bar System is optional for heavy duty application and sustained high speed operation up to 240 m/min. Compressed air is released through a series of holes along the face of the angle bars to both cool the bars and create an air cushion for the belt. The air bar system also includes a pressure regulator and air lines. Air consumption can vary depending upon the belt speed and load 2.8 cm3/sec @ 206 kPa to 4.2 cm3/sec @ 345 kPa.


45°series A B C Lap speed 1 rpm=mm Frame height
330AXL788-45° 254 788 330 329 178
686AXL965-45° 610 965 686 329 178
737AX1042-45° 661 1042 737 489 216
1092AX1524-45° 1016 1524 1092 489 216
991AXH1524-45° 915 1524 991 648 305
1600AXH2286-45° 1524 2286 1600 648 305
30°series A B C Lap speed 1 rpm=mm Frame height
330AXL945-30° 254 945 330 329 178
686AXL1253-30° 610 1253 686 329 178
737AX1511-30° 661 1511 737 489 216
1092AX1819-30° 1016 1819 1092 489 216
991AXH1928-30° 915 1928 991 648 305
1600AXH2456-30° 1524 2456 1600 648 305
Angled belt conveyors are specifically designed for either merge or distribute operation. The number of rollers and their locations are different in these two different types of Angled belt conveyors. A merge equipment cannot be later converted to operate as a distribute equipment. Distribute Angled belt conveyors generally have a longer minimum length than a merge Angled belt conveyor. Check the factory for the minimum length of a specific conveying width and merge/distribute configuration

Model Designations

Typical model designation is written as follows:

850AXH1500-45 LHM

850 is the conveying width (between sideguards)

AX indicates that it is an airless Angled belt conveyor

H indicates that is has a High-Frame (305 mm)

1500 is the centerline length

45 is the angle of the angle bar

LH is the direction of the product after it crosses the angle bar (right-hand direction would use RH)

M indicates that the angle bar is on the exit end of the conveyor (a diverge would use D)

Frame height is indicated in the model designation as follows:

L indicates a 178 mm high Low-Frame model

H indicates a 305 mm high High-Frame model

If an “L” or “H” is not used, it is a 216 mm high Mid-Frame model.

AF indicates that it is an Angled belt conveyor with an air angle bar

ABH indicates that it is an airless Angled belt conveyor with heighten frame, meet the needs of airport baggage handling system


Rendo can manufacture special sizes to meet customer requirements.

Rendo chain/belt system is a simple concept, but is not easy to build. Our efforts toward perfection results in a quiet and efficient conveyor that is very reliable and easy to maintain.

High performance is only achieved by using high quality, modern materials and precision manufacturing.

We have invested heavily in automated fabrication equipment and quality manufacturing systems to achieve the highest precision and shortest production time.


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